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Is Couchsurfing safe?Would You Do It To Save Money?

Is Couchsurfing safe?Would You Do It To Save Money?

For those who don’t know about couch surfing, Its a practice of staying in other people homes who have advertised to share their spare couch, bed or a room.

Its practiced by some travelers usually while traveling to other countries. is a popular website which connects the world traveler and people who have available couches or spare rooms and are interested to share.

I came through this app when I was searching for a cheap accommodation in Bangkok and Chiangmai on my travel trip to Thailand.

The company says its safe and hosts and travelers are verified and rated about their experiences.

Although I was not comfortable staying with someone without paying money, somehow this Couchsurfing app grabbed my attention.

I didn’t use the Couchsurfing website to stay in the places but I met some local people with Couchsurfing and it was an amazing experience with them.

So I would quickly like to give my points and thoughts about it.

Why Couch Surfing.

# When you are on a budget while traveling, It may prove to be useful to save some money on lodging or staying.

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#You can Spend the saved money on getting more experiences and visiting more places in the city.

#Staying with a local gives you an opportunity to know about their local culture, taste their foods, and local cuisines, know the best of their places, get entertained with them, taste beers with them…Cheers!

#Sometimes you can get access to your host’s kitchen and make your own healthy food and this can help in saving some more money.

#You learn about the local scams and tourists trap to avoid with your host and that can save you a lot.

If Your hosts are courteous and helpful they can help in any unwanted situation and sometimes they become friends for life.

#You can boast to your friends that you have friends in most of the cities in the world..haha!

#You can host some of your friend from other city or travelers in your own home too at your native place.

Why Not Couchsurfing.

#Some people are not comfortable with the idea of staying with strangers, You don’t know the character of the person hosting you and lots of effort goes in judging others and due diligence.

#You have to be cautious about the host’s profile and references and read about them carefully unless you find them safe to stay or hang out with.

#You need to have a backup if the people fail to host you and always plan for an alternate place to stay.

#Sometimes you will be stunned or become uncomfortable with hosts behavior, but its always better to move on.

#You have to take care of their culture, what your hosts are sensitive about or about any religious differences.

#You can have a negative experience in a city you were always dreaming to visit and that can make a permanent dent in your mind regarding the charm of that place and its people.

#You need to be always worried about your safety and sometimes your privacy and personal space are fully compromised in other people homes.

#It takes a lot of energy to interact and have fun in Couchsurfing, So sometimes a solo space is required to regain it.

#While hosting somebody, You have to be cautious as of who they are and sometimes asking about identifications details can be awkward.

Would You Do It?

So, How Do You Like the Idea of staying at somebody else place, sharing their couch or a room without any commercial intent?

Would you like to be a couch surfer?

or Would You stay at an Airbnb Or a Hotel room?

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  1. Couch surfing is goods for single traveller.ur article really helpful to see pros n cons of such staying .in abroad

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