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Are You Flexible In Getting Jobs After College?

Are You Flexible In Getting Jobs After College?

Are You flexible in getting jobs after College or are serious about getting the right jobs after college?

Hi, Every new college graduate has this feeling about whether he will land at the right job or not after graduation.

If you are a new college graduate, You might be having this feeling and stomach aches about whether you would get a proper core subject position job or not. With core subject position Job I meant getting a job on subjects you have read in your graduation.

Also, Most of you must be thinking, whether you would like your Job or not.

Some of you must be thinking that I would grab a job first then I would think about how the job is.

Some guys even plan for further studies and doing Masters and then get a secondary job title after getting some experience from their first Jobs.

I was thankful that I got a job Immediately after my graduation but not everyone is lucky enough to get a job right after college. Although I am not currently in the job as I am managing my own business,

Some people are forced to get jobs which do not spark their interests, Some guys don’t know where their interests or passion lies even after graduation or even 10 years after job.

In this economy, some people who were at middle or senior level management positions got fired and now they are getting offers only about entry-level positions.

You must try to start the job immediately after college, even if you don’t like your job.

You would get a huge advantage against those who are not working and still wandering for a perfect job.

Already employed people are always preferred for getting a seat for masters in their dream colleges or getting a dream job at their next employer.

You would never dream of what height your current job can take you, besides developing your work skills it would develop your people skills also.

I have some short tips for getting a right job after college and moving forward in your career-


*Look for some learning opportunity which is work-based while pursuing college also. Do some professional course which is in alignment with the subject you are already studying. An example is like you can do a professional Computer Aided Design course while studying Engineering or you can learn excel.

It will Improve your resume and you will become more valuable to your prospective employers.

*Create and nurture your support network of people who have the same passion and create a good relationship with them. Basically, try to develop your community having people with common interests and goals.

*Develop self-discipline, self-advocacy, and self-determination, Be confident about what you know and try to speak more about what you already know better in company interviews.

*Don’t take high debt for college tuitions or a big loan for paying for college. Try to take up college in your city so that you can save for campus housing and other expenditures. Also, try to get admission in state colleges which have fewer fees.

*Try to develop soft skills such as public speaking, the art of giving effective presentations etc. This would help in growing in your job.

*Even if you don’t get a job, Try to get a part-time job and in the meanwhile, you can develop some of your side passions or side hustle also.

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* Create some social media profile, you can create a blog about your passion, get your LinkedIn profile configured. This will help in presenting yourself as a more bankable human resource to prospective employers.

So, I have penned some steps which myself and many of my successful peers have followed to land at the right career position they are in now.

What is your strategy? How are you finding your right job? whether you are planning to do masters or not?

Would you take any job or a part-time job?

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