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Welcome to my Blog!

Hi, This is Om, My full name is big so I like my name to be called in short as ‘OM’ haha…! I am Engineer cum MBA in finance and I love to help people about Money Topic.

Again Welcome, everybody!  I am very excited to start my own blog. I have been wanting to do thOmis for quite some time now, and I finally feel like I have time to start and pour my ideas into it.

I started my life Career journey by doing an engineering from one of the premier Engineering College in India subsequently joined an MNC and then a big bank but I was always unsatisfied with my achievements.

Suddenly at one point in my life, I realized that this is a never-ending quest and I wanted to get out of this Rat Race. I started studying books by great writers,topics were self-help and self-improvements, finance and business. So many things were going through my mind as to how to improve my life quality and how to be more available to my friends and family members.

As I got a chance to start a company, I grabbed the chance and started the company. I started another company in the same domain after 1 year as I grabbed an incoming opportunity which I sold in some years. The earnings I invested in a commercial property and for the time being, I got a small fraction of financial free life I was aiming for.

I have started this blog by keeping only one thing in mind that I want to improve the quality of life of a billion people on our planet and grow myself with them.

I will give self-improvement tips, Money saving and money management tips, blogging tips, small business tips, my travel escapades and overall how to improve the quality of life and live life fully.